How To Write An Essay

 Video Tutorials

This man introduces his video saying how to write an essay is a bewitching question. He then states a quotation, “an essay is about a presentation of not only your ideas, but also the ideas you acquired which proves you understand the subject.”

He says that an essay is basically made up of 5 units, or 5 paragraphs. Paragraph one would be the introduction, Paragraphs 2 and 3 are going to demonstrate to your reader that you know what you are talking about. A good idea for these would be reasons you agree with your proposition, and reasons you disagree with the proposition. Paragraph 4 he says should be the crunch. Put in the most vital part of your essay. Probably your longest paragraph. Where you put quotations, and present your arguments in a clever, and logical way, he says. And the last paragraph would be the conclusion.

He emphasizes that you must plan the essay.

According to the next video, there are 3 basic elements of an essay. It addresses writer’s block–when you don’t know where to start. He proposes, brainstorming. Writing notes. Doing research. Then organize your thoughts.

You need to put everything in its proper place. The first paragraph should be the intro, then the next paragraphs would be the developing paragraphs, then finally the conclusion.

The intro must lure the reader in the essay. You must have a hook to capture the reader’s attention.

When they’re in the hook, they should be interested with the essay by your next sentences. You want to have the reader keep reading.

Put in some evidence, credible sources, and references.

Then the conclusion should recount your points, and end with a bang.