How To Write Fiction

Video Tutorials

The video below teaches you to write fiction. It’s a TED video. The woman in the video introduces the reason why people read fiction in the first place–to be entertained, to travel to different worlds, to be scared, to laugh, to cry, and to just escape from the world.

How then do we write a fiction story? How do we provide an escape for the reader?

Descriptive writing plays a huge role in writing fiction. If your fiction book is full of point-blank statements, then it’s going to be as dull as an eraser head.

If you say “he ate,” versus, “the chicken skin churned in his mouth as he ate voraciously.” There is a difference.

The video says that you must engage the senses of the reader in order to cast them into a spell. As opposed to plays and movies, fictional stories only have words and paper as the medium. There is no texture to it except for the words that will spur the imagination.

Saying what the action is versus describing the action will spell the difference between knowing what he or she feels like and feeling what he or she feels.

Fiction plays with the senses. Taste, smell, hearing, sight, motion, and abstract associations.

It is up to the reader to add texture to a story by playing with words. Example, there are choice words that have sound to them. The word “crack,” makes you think of a cracking sound. The word “bubble,” makes you think of a bubbling sound.

Avoid cliches. Cliches like red as a rose are already overused. “Stewed-cherry” as in Tiphanie Yanique’s Land of Love and Drowning describes red in a much more vivid way.